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Changjiang Electric
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case analysis:

Founded in 1990, Nantong Changjiang Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, design and manufacture of professional refrigeration compressor motors and various small micro-motors. Over the years, it has been focusing on high-quality manufacturing concepts and the excellent quality of the company's motor products. Introduced to major customers around the world. Based on the value of modern enterprise with marketing as the leading, production as the center and technology development as the core competitiveness, the company constantly seeks development, continuous innovation, reform, and actively participates in the design and manufacture of various types of motors to cope with the multi-faceted needs of the market. We strive to bring the greatest trust to our customers with quality, speed and innovation. Changjiang Electric will be your best partner.

Nantong Changjiang Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperated with our company to purchase a variety of mechanical related equipment. After use, it was very satisfied. It clearly stated that it will cooperate for a long time and is committed to building a high-quality manufacturing company.



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