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case analysis:

Japan Rising Corporation has been continuously developing new products. Since its establishment in 1957, we have been developing new technologies and accumulating professional skills in the tape industry, and have won good reputation and industry leading position. Through our efforts, we have contributed to the society and created corporate value. Integrity is our most important intangible asset. Rirong Chemical insists on winning customers with integrity to provide services and quality that make customers more satisfied. The new product is for the purpose.

Japan Rising Commercial Co., Ltd. searched Anqing Dongyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. through the Internet. After careful consideration, the company finally purchased the combined copper drawing machine and multi-functional press in volume, because Dongyuan Machinery has many years of copper drawing machine. Production and sales experience, the product has been updated and upgraded through multiple generations, the product performance has been greatly optimized, the purchase is very suitable at this time, and Zhang manager applied for a great discount on the price, the warranty time has been extended a lot, I hope this The second cooperation can last for a long time.



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