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Qianjiang Refrigeration
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Hangzhou Qianjiang Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 (formerly known as Hangzhou Qianjiang Compressor Factory, founded in 1985), and has now developed into an industrial manufacturing, intelligent town, trade market, real estate and ecological agriculture industries. An integrated diversified group company. The group has more than 20 subsidiaries, 4 manufacturing bases, 3 integrated markets, 1 characteristic town and 1 ecological agriculture sightseeing park and real estate development projects. It has more than 3,000 employees.

Qianjiang Refrigeration Group is “Zhejiang Excellent Private Enterprise”, “Hangzhou Top 100 Private Enterprise” and “Hangzhou Industrial Leading Enterprise”, and has won “Top 500 Private Enterprises in China” and “Zhejiang's Most Investment Value Growth” 'Enterprise', 'Zhejiang Province's best economic benefit industrial enterprise', 'Zhejiang taxpayer', 'Hangzhou large enterprise large group competitiveness enterprise', 'Hangzhou large-scale enterprise large group', 'Hangzhou dominant enterprise' The honorary title of 'Special Enterprise of Xihu District' has been rated as AAA credit rating by relevant departments for 20 consecutive years.

In the future, the Group will adhere to the strategic concept of “Managing Casting Base, Culture Casting Soul, Marketing Casting, Quality Breakthrough” and adhere to the corporate mission of “Honesty, Modesty, Pioneering, Excellence”, adhering to the principle of “self-improvement, ethics, and stability”. Innovative, the pursuit of excellence, the corporate philosophy, work together with you, a total of grand plans. Qianjiang Refrigeration Group found Anqing Dongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. through Baidu search. After in-depth communication and understanding, it is satisfied with Dongyuan Machinery's motor products, and the equipment prices are in line with our needs. The most important products are their own products. R & D and production, guaranteed after sale.



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