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Wire cutting machine operation process
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In order to standardize the use of wire cutting machine experimental equipment, to avoid machine tools and personal accidents

1. Fully understand the performance, structure and correct operation steps of the machine before starting the machine.

2. Check whether the machine's travel switch and reversing switch are safe and reliable, and it is not allowed to work with faults.

3. It should be processed within the allowable specifications of the machine tool. Do not work overweight or overtravel. (Working table carrying weight 120kg)

4. The specified lubricating oil or grease should be injected regularly at the lubrication site as required. In order to ensure the flexibility of the operation of the mechanism, especially the reverser and bearings, it should be checked and replaced regularly (tentatively for half a year).


5. Before processing, check whether the working fluid in the working fluid tank is sufficient, whether the water pipe and the nozzle are unblocked, and there should be no blockage.

6. Check if the coordinate direction of the program is consistent with the direction of the workpiece mounting coordinate.

7. It is forbidden to touch the workpiece and the wire frame during processing to avoid electric shock.

8. The work area should be cleaned up at the end of the internship, and the fixtures and accessories should be wiped clean and put back into the toolbox and kept intact.

9. Regularly check whether the machine tool and performance are reliable and clean the dust to prevent metal objects from falling into it.

10. It is forbidden to insert or remove the floppy disk while the drive is working.



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