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Cutting line machine is prone to failure and treatment
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Fault phenomenon one

Start processing, the wire does not go, other functions are normal.

Causes and solutions: Observe the wire-traveling mechanism and find that the rubber pressure roller has been pulled out by the wire wire in a deep groove. The wire is deeply trapped in it, and the roller Rx2 is lifted to correct the traction motor rotation, but it cannot be driven. Electrode wire, replace the rubber pressure wheel or modify the rubber pressure wheel. Since the outer side of the wheel is blocked by several washers and then fastened with a nut, remove the wheel and make a thicker with the shaft on the side of the wheel*. 0毫米, the pressure, the pressure is about 2. 0mm, the pressure is about 1. 0mm, the pressure is about 1. 0mm, the pressure is about 1. 0mm, the pressure is The wheel can continue to be used.


Fault phenomenon two

The machine does not have automatic threading action and can be threaded manually.

Causes and solutions: According to the circuit block diagram, there is + 15V voltage on the automatic threading motor, no threading action, indicating that the circuit works normally, there is a problem with the threading motor, the load can be removed, the motor can rotate, but the noise is large. After replacing the same type of threading motor, the machine works normally.



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