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What are the advantages of hot air circulation oven?
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Typically, hot air circulating ovens have heating tubes because the direction of the wind is horizontal or straight regardless of the structure of the hot air circulating oven. So what are the main advantages of the hot air circulation oven? Just follow the small series to understand.

The hot air circulation oven drive is mainly composed of stainless steel or stainless steel chain belts. The heating element of the hot air circulation oven is made of high quality quartz glass tube or far infrared directional radiator, and has the characteristics of high emissivity, low energy consumption and fast heating.


In addition to the rack, all hot air circulation ovens are made of stainless steel and aluminum silicate fiber, with good thermal insulation function, equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, digital thermostat, and equipped with electrical equipment such as electric motor and governor. The normal operation of the hot air circulation oven is ensured, so that the hot air circulation furnace has high cycle efficiency and energy saving effect.

The hot air circulation oven has low noise and stable operation. The temperature is self-contained and easy to install and maintain. Forced ventilation allows the air distribution to be adjusted and the material to be evenly dried. Steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared rays can be used as heat sources. The hot air circulation oven is a general-purpose drying device that can be used to dry various materials.

The above is a brief description of the main advantages of the hot air circulation oven. I hope that it is helpful for everyone's understanding. If necessary, you can contact the phone directly.



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